Marrakech City Tours Itinerary

Marrakech City Tours Itinerary

The city Marrakech is a red-earth walled Medina surrounding flat area with a foretaste desert oasis that leads you pass anonymous doors and  twisting alleys with fortified royal kasbah,  impressive Mosques Towers , Souks. and many other  tourist attractions some are listed below:

Marrakech has been known for the legendery Jamaa Fna Square, which is now one of the ten famous Squares in the world. Thanks to its daily activités led by story tellers, Snakes Charmers, Musicians, Acrobats and other street performances that helped The UNESCO to create the international Oral Immaterial Heritage.

the square has been existed  since 11th century and it was until recently a favored place for desert and Mountain trade Caravans. Now, it holds also the  biggest  street food in the world. 

What to do in the Square:

-Find a shaded terrace cafe with nice view overlooking the square to take photos and to enjoy the Sunset. 

-Find your favored food stall and enjoy local dishes mainly the one  named Tanjia, try spicy tea or fresh orange juice. 


-Use Moroccan Currency (credit cards not accepted) there are money exchange agencies offer fair rate nearby. 

-You need to pay when taking photos of snake charmers or playing Monkeys. Usually 20dh (2€)

-Avoid black Hena tattoos if you have sensitive skin. Green Hena is better. 

-Bargain when to buy souvenirs 

Further south of the walled city is the Saadians Tombs. It is a royal necropolis located inside the royal kasbah (citadel) district of Marrakech. Members of Saadi monarchy burried here including the founder of the Sharifian dynasty, the famous Ahmad el-Mansour got the title the vectorious king and other important Sultans. The tombs  desplay luxurious decoration and  extraordinary interior design from 16 th century.

Tips :

-The Entrance Fees is 7€ per adult. Opened everyday from 9am to 5pm.

-The visit is recommanded with a Guide to understand the differences between designed grave stones and the secret revealed behind Mausoleums.

Cross the Royal destrict towards the north east section to arrive into the Mellah. The Mellah Quarter is one of the main commercial areas in the city of Marrakech. The Jewish community lived here since 16th century and in 1940 they reached 40 000 people. Today, only few  remain, most of whom live in the modern destrict of Marrakech. In the Mellah, Visiters can descover the Sephardic Jews school and synagogue, also the Jews Cemetry  that is considered one of the oldest in the world. 

Tips : 

-The guide will uncover the history of Berber jews for you. 

From the Mellah, reach the Bahia Palace built by the famous grand vizier Ba Ahmad descended of a family served in the Royal palace since 19th century. The Palace composed of preaty gardens, will designed Riads with beautiful squares and richly decorated rooms. It is the most visited attraction in Marrakech. 

Tips :

-The Entrance fees is 7€ per adult, opened from 9am to 6 pm 7days a week. 

- Recommanded with a guide.

- there are benches for sitting inside the Palace. 

A beautiful Riad opened as a Museum Dar Si Said built by The Brother of the grand vizier who erected the Bahia Palace. The Museum exhibits a collection of Moroccan Arts including berber Jewellery, green and blue pottery, and richly decorated tribal carpets remind us of the luxurious life of the Moroccan Aristocrats in late 19th century.  Also, The Riad has a nice garden with its early 11 th- century marble fountain from Cordoba.


- The  Entrance fees is 3€ per adult,  open everyday except Tuesday from 10 am to 6pm.

Stroll into the Medina  narrow alleys with a licensed guide and learn about the different aspect of the old city, then arrive at the Ben Yousef Medrassa. It is the biggest and the most beautifully designed quranic school in Morocco, built by the Marinid Sultan Abu al Hassan in the 14th century and rebuilt by Saadi  Sultan Abdellah El ghaleb in the mid 16th century. The Medrasa displays a fine andalusian architecture features archways, carved stucco with arabesques, sebka, calligraphic inscriiptions with stalactite as well as distinctly Saadian -era motifes such as pine cones.

Tips :

-Entrance fees is 2€ per adult. Open everyday from 9 AM to 5 PM

-the visit recommanded with a guide to understand the school features and facts. 

The Ben Youssef Medrassa located near Ben youssef mosque with its beautiful Qubba from 12th century built by Almoravids dynasty. It is the oldest coustruction in the city. The domed pavilion is the only remnants of Almoravid architecture and  extraordinarly decorated with carved stucco. It was used as a place of ablution for the nearby Ben yousef mosque .

Other attractions for times out in Marrakech are:

The Mouassine Museum which is a typical Moroccan traditional Dar from 16th century with its Douiria opened for live music 3 times a week in the evening with possibility for served diner .  

The Mamounia Garden

located inside the famous Hotel with  the same name. The garden offers a tranquil space to refresh from the hastles of the medina. It florishes olive and orange trees, with flower beds and different kinds of flora.

Menara Garden

Built in the 12th century under the Almouhads. It is a plot of land covered with cultivated olive trees. In the center is a large water basin originally built by Almouhads which collects water for the garden through underground canals. In the southern part, a small beautiful pavilion erected in 19th century, will get you an extraordinary views with the high atlas Mountains. 

Majorelle Garden

A beautiful Garden in the modern destrict of Gueliz. It was once a private home for  the orientalist painter, Jacques Majorelle.  Yves Saint Laurent, the famous French designer, bought and restored the property. The Garden has a large collection of exotic plants mainly cactus, palms and bamboo. The Garden also  housed a small berber Museum displays hundreds of berber objects originating from Mountains and Sahara Desert.

Tips :

-The Garden opened everyday from  8:30 am to 6pm. 

-The Entrance fees is 15€ per adult. The Entrance fees to Yves Saint Lauren Museum is 7€ per adult 

-Early morning visit is recommanded to avoid Bus Tourists. 

Written by Boujema Mtdguide