The Sahara Desert along Draa Valley offers one of the best beautiful and dramatic landscapes in Morocco. Each part is different with diversified faune and flora. The sand dunes are adorable in tinfou, M'hamid El Ghizlane, Chegaga, Erg Lihoudi and N'khila.

Crossing the most beautiful green Oasis of ZAGORA, known of its earth architecture mainly ksar and kasbah. 


     ksar Tassergate at the entrance of the Oasis town is a fine example to visit. It contains private homes, long narrow alleys, Tower mosque, water wills, public square, craftsmen shops and the Tribe House with its Ethnographic Museum.
     ksar Amezrou with its Jewish Heritage is among the ancient fortified villages in Zagora, still inhabited by families who relate their history lived with the jewish neighbors who used to make handicrafts inherited and still done today by local Artisans. 

    Important kasbahs found before arrival to zagora.  It is often inhabited by an important family, rich with a warrior and social character such as the kasbah of Caid Ali Tamnougalt in Agdez the kasbah Ouled Othaman and N'kob Kasbahs. Designed to protect tribal wars in the old times.

     In Tinzouline, 20 kms before Zagora and with 4×4 vehicule travelers can see rock engraving art heritage found along a dry river next to a grazing land in a place named Foum Chena. It forms a high concentration of entirely carved slobs with images related to the Berber-Lybico society dated back to the  first milenuim bc. The site is an opon air museum that shows human figures with animals berber text and mystrious figures. 

      On the road to the sand dunes of Tinfou stands the little town of Tamgrout. It is a 17th century monastery town, known of its old Library that held interesting scripts of Theology written of gold water, Peotery, Mathematic and Astronomy. the nearby pottery village, known for its green collor, becomes a regular stop for travelers to meet the local artisans 

MTDGUIDE provide 3 to 6 days  Desert  and Oasis adventure tours with 4×4 vehicule to uncover exotic parts of Draa Valley, offroads crossing to the high Chegaga Sahara Desert, hike in the Anti-Atlas Mountains. 

The adventure tour continue after crossing  Chegaga Sahara Desert with 4 wheel drive to arrive to Tata Oasis. The Oasis is ppearing suddenly in the middle of a dry landscape at the foot of the Bani mountain, it is a haven of peace and silence. The vivid green of vegetables and cereals, the shade of  fruitful trees and  the presence of water runs along narrow canals are joined with a stay in traditional home to offer a refreshing day after the desert adventure.


     Life in the Oasises dominate the Tata province. Take some time to descover Aitkin Oasis and its Kasbah located on the route at the Tagemout Oasis. It is a fortress village known of its 17 century grannery still used by the locals to store grains and other materials owned by the Ait kin tribe.

   The landscape in the province formed of red and black ridged rocky mountains and dry rivers. The last had been coveted for a long time by the nomads. Usually live with their children in tents made of their black goats hair. hardly their donkeys, camels and goats find something to graze  on it. They have wonderful personal stories how they survive in this harsh environment.

Written by Boujema Mtdguide


Written by Boujema Mtdguide