February is considered the low season for tourism in Morocco due to work and schools for most people in Europe. If you are flexible and can make your trip to Morocco in Febtuary, you will enjoy it.
     February is mid winter in Morocco but it is usually dry with a lot of sun that can reach 10 hours a day, which is time enough for activities outdoors. You can take this month to book long tour that combines visit the ancient cities in the north, hike in the southern mountains, relax in the sahara desert and enjoy Marrakech by nights.

      There are many touristic activities in February for a memorable trip. Also, you can easily find private guide and nice tours cover most Morocco destinations. You can book a Riad or kasbah hotel to find a room of your dream that would be out of reach in the High Season. In Februay, less travelers around you, So You can enjoy one to one services, and get the best of the offers with reasonable prices.

     The locals would be not stressed as they used to be October and November  when crowd of foreigners are coming and going in the place. Therefore, There are alot of opportunities to meet Moroccans, discover their local culture, eat excellent food in restaurants and can get better feel for the places you are visiting.

       Book your trip to Morocco in February and create experience away from the high seasons.

Written by Boujema Mtdguide