Rabat is the royal city of Morocco. It is the second biggest city in the kingdoom after Casablanca. Situated between the Atlantic Ocean  and Bou Regreg river. There are two levels, the Medina refers to the old section with a Hespano-Moorish style and the French City with its Art Decors and wide streets. MTDguide will take you for a wanderful tour to show you this charming city. 

    The first attraction visiters should explore is the Udaya kasbah. This beautiful little fortified residence area appeared to be the jewel of Rabat. It has impressive remparts, great gate,  high towers with adorned facades. Here, the locals refresh their days with nice views from the terraces overlooking the Bou Regrag river and the ocean.

     At the foot of the Udaya kasbah is the old Medina., known of its local traditional market with its collors, smells,  and noise.

  Explore the remains of the Hassan Mosque that was built in 12th century. It was part of the project of the Imperial city that has never finished. elevated on artificial helly ground, lost half of its high tower after 1755 earthquake. 

  Next to the Hassan Tower is a richly decorated white marble building that hold a beautifully ornated Mausoleum of our previous kings. It is  the  most visited place in Rabat mostly by Moroccans. 

      To the south of the royal palace cross the Almohads walls to arrive to Chellah, a 14 th century royal necropolis. The place offers a complete atmosphere of tranquil and calm. It has a beautiful garden and rich of its high medieval period remains. 

     The second level of the city is the modern city which is also inside the walls started with the French early 20th century. The French section held the parlments building, the Royal palace and many art Decors buildings mainly the Rabat Cathedral. 

  Here also, stands the Mohammed 6 Museum of contemporary Art displays Modern Morocco artists work. Next door is Rabat  archeological museum. 

  The modern section is attractive by night with its wide boulevards and beautifully designed Street light. It is a busy place with Cafe shops, Cinema and street Art organized by locals. 
Written by Boujema Mtdguide